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Regan to the Rescue

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  1. nitro steve says:

    amra,,,amearican motorcycle racing assoc,,,,, is the bigest dragbike racing assoc in the world,,,we get spectators,,,like 3000-5000 spectators,,,nitro guys dont haft to pay for the winnings,,the spectators do ,,some may say its a big party with a dragrace,,,,so what,,,,do you even know the filling of 3000 people in the stands watching,,,not unless your a prostock bike in nhra you dont,,,wise up,,if it takes outher attractions to draw specators so be it,,,(thats all amearican bikes),,british bike are welcome to,,,,look how the foriegn car guys did it,,,outher attractions and nopi girls,,,just saying,,,

  2. Jason Miller says:

    And we had 7,000 fans at our MIROCK Bike Fest this past summer. There is no need to get in peeing contests over who has the biggest races.

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