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Reyes Relic – Blown V8 Drag Bike

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  1. Scott Neithamer says:

    thats a funny story….not the part about the crash, but the wife calling her husband names

    1. Fontaine says:

      What did it run?

  2. Aaron Green says:

    No time. It did not complete the run with the tires on the pavement. Sort of did the “road rash slide” at the end. Super tech at that place too, note the lack of any gloves on the ill-fated rider. Hands turn into hamburger real quick when you bail with no gloves………..

  3. Tom Novak says:

    Just found this article by accident, had to comment. No memory of the crash (May-1982) but still got the bike and the scars (Wife is long gone) http://www.v8sidewinder.com

  4. boB Jones says:

    He survived, dumped the wife, returned to build the bike…bigger and better, and a small block street bike only to crash it 22years later, survived and rebuilt that one too. Now working on a Kieth Black Hemi bike…..check it out. One hit wonder MY ass. THIS GUY HAS DEDICATED HIS WHOLE ADULT LIFE TO HIS PASSION!!!He is selling plans to build them INTERNATIONALLY and there are at least Three (other than his) running and streetable!! with four more at last count being built by others!! Alive and well in AZ.http://www.v8sidewinder.com/

  5. boB Jones says:

    One hit wonder MY ASS! This guy has dedicated his whole adult life to his passion and is selling plans Internationally. Five have been built not including the two he has wrecked and rebuilt and a Kieth Black Hemi in the Jig at this writing. AT LEAST THREE MORE BEING BUILT BY other. LOOONG GONE is The wife commented about. TOM Novak is alive and well in AZ!! Still killin it bigger and better every day. He is a personal friend of mine for over 30 years. Check Him outhttp://www.v8sidewinder.com/

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