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“Chicago” Joe Released From Hospital

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  1. Sylvia says:

    If any one who knew Marvin Nelson he passed away on April 10 2013. He will be missed. this is for chicago joe He told me to let you know how much he loved you.

  2. I have the kinda message. Steve A. Lundstrom passed away, jam. 30th 2015 25 days after his 60th birthday. A few months before he passed he told me he could go back & tell Chigaco Joe, (I will shorten what he said) you’ll always be my brother & I love you.

  3. I also have a nice picture of you

  4. Steve A. Lundstrom died on jan.30th,2015 ,at age 60. Shortly before he passed he told me he wanted Chigaco joe that he will always be his brother

  5. Adam says:

    Lots of Angels n Cali. But by far,to me,the best on.,…

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