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Tommy Grimes Seeking Ride in 2016, Stunned at Retirement of Ray Price Racing

Tommy Grimes and Ray Price
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  1. One of the high points in my career in motorcycles was when Ray came up and complimented us on a blown Triumph land speed bike we were testing at Indy a number of years back at a Mancup event.
    A true gentleman who will be sorely missed.

  2. Ronster says:

    I was hanging out at Bradenton Motorsports Dragstrip a few years back and I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Price and his race team as they were doing test & tune time.

    I was so impressed with the functionality of his team and how they all answered my gazillion questions without ever becoming perturbed.

    And Especially Tommy Grimes who was rapidly becoming a SUPERHERO in my eyes. His ability to handle both my questions and the most powerful motorcycle I have ever stood next to were done in such an easy-going way that I will never forget.

    My condolences to the Price family, immediate and extended. Ray treated me like an old friend from the first moment we met. What more can you say for a man?

    Sincerely, Ronster

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