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Suzuki Hayabusa 1999-2011 Oil Pan Baffle

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Now available for the Suzuki Hayabusa is a redesiged oil pan baffle that reduces oil starvation from hard accelleration, braking and sideload G-forces.  Perfect for cut stock oil pans.


  • Quick and simple installation
  • Works with most oil pans including those with swinging pick ups.


  • Removed oil pan and pick up leaving the O-ring in place
  • Install baffle
  • Reinstall pick-up using a small amount of silicon or gasket sealer
  • Reinstall oil pan.

Part Number FC1003 Price $49.95




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  1. Charlie gosselin says:

    I had a guy put my pan on he cut the vente tube but not enough, of course the crank went, can you explain the function of the swivel when it is not working right

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