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McBride Displays Dominance with Six “Fives” and Defeats Familiar Foe to Win Manufacturers Cup

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  1. Yves Giard says:

    Happy for your success.Good luck Yves Giard

  2. Frankie Cupp says:

    I would expect nothing less–Great job and congrats

  3. pierre sosa says:

    thats just great, good to hear, and
    thats a anouther one over the

  4. FRANK DELIA says:

    Congrates to all of those at the MC Event! As for Larry and his Awesome Performances…WOW! Great job to you and your Outstanding Team!! I know they’re mighty happy to start out like that, keep up the great work!!

  5. REV.JIM says:

    Congradulations to Larry And his crew.

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