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Larry McBride’s Burns Worse than Initially Thought, Likely to Miss Season

Larry McBride
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  1. nigel tee says:

    So sorry you will miss the rest of the season Larry. Your recovery is the most important thing.
    Best wishes from your Limey fans.

  2. Dave Viola says:

    Wow sorry to hear this Larry but take care of yourself so you can be back next year

  3. Ron Garske says:

    Hoping for a speedy recovery, looking forward to seeing you next year.
    Take care of yourself and listen to the Doctors.

  4. john sullivan says:

    Get well soon Larry your health is the important thing right now. Drag racing and bikes will still be here when you wishes and prayers.

  5. Jerry Rogers says:

    Take care of yourself, you are the man and can’t be replaced. Thanks for everything and looking forward to your return.

  6. Brent Busch says:

    Top fuel funny car and dragster drivers wear firesuits, not leathers. Obviously on a bike you need leather for protection, but it does squat in a fire. It’s time for a new suit for nitro bike riders that combines the qualities of leather and a firesuit.

  7. Tommie Miller says:

    Take care Larry, Get well soon, Very sorry to hear of your accident. Hang in there. You are the king of TF bikes and will be missed. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for all the 5’s Godspeed to you.

  8. Get well soon Larry. Sorry to hear of your accident. Hang in there king of the 5’s.Hope to see you back soon. Take care and godspeed

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