Godspeed Barry “Georgia Boy” Greene

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  1. Frank Duncan says:


  2. Calvin Chipp says:

    He once told our partna ~i dnt pay u to think when im goin 200mph down da track on my bike i dnt got time to think i just do it”. We love u much bruh RIP!

    1. Capt. Hines says:

      that was a long time ago when he saided that 1 , but remember it like yesterday !!!!

  3. NIKKI says:

    RIP Pascal “Cubby” Quarterman you will be truly missed!!

  4. Krystal Britton Hart says:

    Can someone provide the contact information for CycleDrag.com or Jack Korpela? I’m seeking information on updating this article with information from the family and requesting permission to use images/copy from this website.

  5. Jerome Bacon says:

    RIP Green – you are gone but not forgotten. I will truly miss you and our encourage talks. When i see you up there I still want that race. Love ya Bro.

  6. Pinky says:

    Barry, you will be missed, not only by the racers who knew you, but the folks whom you have had chance to be around you and your great spirit. May god continue to look over you and your family! Always, Pinky

  7. Mapp says:

    Great story on Barry he will be missed… R.I.P. Bike family

  8. Capt. Hines says:

    no 1 will miss him like i do , we did eveything 2gether.& i was eveything..t cook,driver,spokesman,But most known as t #1clutchman . i was t only man . miss u ,LOve ya always Lt.! we’ll b 2gether 1 day again.

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