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AHDRA’s Janette Thornley Poised for Norwalk

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Janette Thornley is hungry for a solid performance in Norwalk Ohio,after a long weekend in Atco, New Jersey and not qualifying due to a mechanical problem, Dream Chaser Racin’  Janette, Freddie Robbins, and the entire Ray Price Race Team worked fast and furious trying to locate the gremlin in her bike and get in a qualifying run in on Saturday but was unsuccessful.

“It’s amazing how everyone is family at the race track and pitched in to help, hoping I would get into the race!” said Janette “I appreciated all the support.”  They didn’t stop on Sunday either, hoping that I could run in the outlaw class (meant for non-qualifiers and 1st round losers) and be ready for Norwalk.

“It was frustrating not to be able to identify the issue” said Thornley,     “I know this happens in racing but I feltlike I was really getting into a groove. I’m not discouraged though, I’m ready for Norwalk and anxious to get back into the game now that the Ray Price team took the bike back to the shop and found a couple problems including a bent valve that contributed to the mechanical failure.

Thornley will be back on track with AHDRA’s Ohio Bike Week Nationals Presented by The Northern Ohio Harley-Davidson Dealers at Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park Norwalk, OH, June 9 and 10th.

Janette Thornley is owner and operator of a nitro burning, carbureted, 121 cid Pro Dragster and Dream Chaser Racin’.Thank you to my sponsors: Autolite Sparkplugs and Lowry Callahan of Quality Refrigeration Company. Special thanks to Ray and Jean Price; Freddie Robbins for his time, patience and dedication; to Bill Hendren for your time; and to the Ray Price Race Team – Tommy Grimes, Justin Heinle, Jeremy Hoy, Mark Morgan and Ray Price for all you do; and Dalton Matthews.  Sponsors always welcome!    Contact Dream Chaser Racin’ at



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  1. wild bill says:

    I always bring a 5/16 and 11/32. valve guide reamer
    along. and good leak down tester. Since experimenting with Manley stainless steel valves and
    B and H. sintered iron impregnated bronze valvle guides. Both companies make excellent products.
    Put them in my best customers motor and he had a
    “fit”. and did I get ‘reamed’. ( about a skinny ” thou”
    or so.
    You would be amazed at the stories I can,t seem to forget. I have a dandy about Hastings shim stock to
    adjust. piston ring to back of the ring groove. clearance. no more “black death” on the piston skirt
    thrust surfaces.

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