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First Win for Frank Stotz Comes with New ET and MPH Records

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Little Frankie Stotz gets into the record books with his Turbo CBR1000RR setting the new track record of 7.37 ET @ 197 MPH and his first Win! The Hyabusa has ruled the Hardcore Drag Race series until the Stotz Racing-Honda team showed up. Win Racing had just tuned the CBR to a safe 28 lbs of boost and 426 hp before the AMA/Dragbike race in Indy three weeks earlier. In the Saturday night test at Indy, Frankie went 4.84 ET on a half-track test to tie his Dad’s best 1/8-mile mark of 4.84 when Kent set the record at 7.31@195 last year in Virginia at the AMA/Dragbike series. The kicker is Frankie’s little 125lbs only needed 28 lbs of boost to set the record as opposed to Kent’s 175 lbs (good for 50 years old) needing 33 lbs of boost. Unfortunatly at Indy the little 1000 revving to 11,000 and 8 lbs of boost still bogged off the line. Learning from that helped us to Win this weekends event.

We can only hope that the misfortune that has plagued the Stotz Racing team is now behind us. Maybe it all turned around when Stotz Racing won the best Appearing Crew Award sponsored by Peer Pressure Racing. The Honda uniforms, Scorpion Helmet, and Joe Rocket shorts and leathers sealed the deal. Looking good and running good we look forward to the Atco NJ race Sept. 12-14.

Velocity Racing’s latest boost controller configuration has made the power transition smoother allowing the HyperPro Suspension to keep the BST wheels hooked up and going straight. Stotz Racing is very appetitive for the Honda Rider’s Club of America’s undying support, Honda Pro Oils and Chemicals, Star Racing’s cylinder heads, Falicon Knife Rods-SuperCrank-Billet Baskets, J E Pistons, AirTech Bodywork, and Schaumburg Honda.

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Stotz Racing Sponsors

* Honda Rider’s Club of America
* Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals
* Velocity Racing Turbo Systems
* Joe Rocket
* Pingel Enterprises
* Star Racing
* JE Pistons
* RC Components
* Air-Tech Streamlining
* Schaumburg Honda
* HyperPro Racing Suspension
* Falicon Crankshaft Components
* Scorpion Sports,Inc

About Stotz Racing
Stotz Racing is at the forefront of street tire motorcycle drag racing in America. Formed by renowned motorcycle drag racer Kent Stotz in 1995, Stotz Racing earned AMA Prostar Street Bike Shootout titles in 1995, 1998, 2001 and 2002. In 2004, Stotz Racing’s turbocharged Honda CBR1100XX became the first Street Bike to set the 200 mph record (7.25 seconds at 200.49 mph). Stotz currently holds the Pro Street class ET record of 7.312 seconds on a turbocharged Honda CBR1000RR. Sponsored by the Honda Rider’s Club of America, Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals, Velocity Racing Turbo Systems, Joe Rocket, Star Racing, JE Pistons, Air-Tech Streamlining, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Schaumburg Honda, HyperPro Racing Suspension, Scorpion EXO and BST Wheels, Stotz Racing is also the record holder of the AMA Prostar Horsepower Challenge in the Import V-Twin Cruiser Open class on a Honda VTX1800.




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