Top Fuel Motorcycle

Alwine Racing Top Fuel Motorcycle Debut at PRI

John Alwine Top Fuel
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  1. Jason Pruitt says:

    The bodywork and motor are state of the art for 2014! I can’t wait to see what times and mph it will produce. I also expect a 4 valve head to be in the works. I sure wish I could buy this motor and give it a try in my grudge bike! Lol..

    1. Phil Myers says:

      We decided that 4 valves would only add problems….The 2 valver will do just fine with boost and a decent nitro load. Keep it simple and make good use of the basics. They already had tons of power left untapped with the old “little” 1500 GS based motor. The new motor is just way easier to service and tune. It is 100% new in every aspect.

  2. Ian King says:

    Nice piece, but I just want to clear up a point made in the article. It is not necessary to have more than one engine to go Top Fuel Bike racing. Any more than one is a luxury, if you have more than one it is, of course, easier to change engines than to take a head off to fix any small issue you may encounter. But be clear it is wholly unnecessary. I am unaware of any team In Europe who has more than one engine, and certainly Brian Johnson only had one when he won the USA TFB Championship, the Svensson’s 5 second machine only has one, and my 5 second team also only have one (and I make them!).

    1. Ian I agree more than 1 engine is unnecessary, however I have great memories of watching Russ Collins triple Honda engined top fuel monster at OCIR which was the first in the 7’s and I believe kept that record for many years. The John Hobbs, Henk Vink, Ian Messenger/Derek Chinn and Norman Hyde era was also great to watch. Of course maintenance was unbelievably complicated on these monsters. Your approach to design and engineering cannot be faulted. Has anyone considered using the Puma motor in a four wheel Junior Fueler category?

      1. Uh oh, I misread the article. However a spare engine is a luxury for certain.

    2. Bill Hahn Jr. says:

      Kudos to the entire Alwine Team and all their sponsors. It’s wonderful to see more engine options become available for TF bike racing. Diversity and choice can only improve the class’ prospects for the future.

      I’d like to add…where ‘spare” engines are concerned, one man’s luxury may well be another man’s necessity, and I don’t believe one racer can define this distinction for any other racer.

      I always have a complete spare engine assembly on hand in my racing program. Even though are long stretches of time when all it does is gather dust in the trailer…when I need it the most, it is there, and it has most definitely made the difference between winning and losing not only a race, but also a Championship.

      As I hardly ever use it, do I in fact “need” this spare? Arguably, as my intention is to win races and points, and as not having it could mean much more time trying to repair our primary unit, and as a result perhaps not making the round call…the answer for me is most definitely “yes”.

      As for me, I’ve never been one that’s comfortable with delaying a race’s progression just to suit my sudden need to repair my machinery. To me, making the round call is THE necessity, and if I can efficiently swap in an engine,and in doing so not only not delay the race, but also not have my team frazzled and anxious as a result of trying to fix an engine during racing action that we are now delaying…then yes, I most definitely Need that spare engine, and it is not a Luxury by any stretch.

  3. clutch duster says:

    snicker,,and the war is getting bigger and bigger as more and more complete motors are made from scratch for nitro racing.

  4. Tom Loughlin Jr says:

    When DRAGBIKE! USA (AMA DRAGBIKE!) ran TF as “quick 8” with a run whatcha brought (I cannot bring myself to say “brung”) freed up the design aspects. Internal comb ustion engine(s). No thrust. McBoogie.

  5. Tom Loughlin Jr says:

    IF the TF looks that good, I can’t wait to see the TG !! (heh heh heh)

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