Nitro Harleys

2016 NHRA Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Drag Racing Schedule

NHRA Harley Davidson Drag Racing Series
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  1. Roger Whetstein says:

    The news of Top-Fuel Harleys on the NHRA Series schedule has made my day and many others here in Arizona. The Nitro Bikes do not get their fair-share of publicity they so VERY MUCH DESERVE. Once race fans get a look at these machines in action they’ll realize the Excitement they can produce… Tune-in and HANG ON !!!!!

  2. Mike McClellan says:

    No race in Region 6?

  3. Kristin M Johns says:

    Why isn’t the series coming back to Woodburn, OR?

  4. Don Sanders says:

    Nitro bikes and NHRA should go hand n hand.. That category is at the top of the list.. For all Harley draggers… No roll cage.. No parachute.. Helmet , leathers, and a set of nuts!!!!

  5. Don Sanders says:

    Nitro Harley’s and NHRA should go hand and hand…That catagory is at the top of the list..All Harley draggers n owners would watch..No roll cage , No parachute just a helmet, leathers and a set of nuts.. and a Nitro Harley.. “Heaven n Hell” on two wheels!!

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