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Where Will Larry “Spiderman” McBride Race This April, SGMP or The Cup?

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  1. Lee says:

    BMP doesn’t have steel guardrails .. Just a short time ago the track was gound and is super smooth .. The Staff is A+ and likes bikes ..Wade worked there for many years and was great at track prep .. The staff at BMP knows what they are going .. Some of the fastest 10 1/2 tire cars run BMP ..

    1. Jack Korpela says:

      Thanks for the info Lee. Are there still steel guardrails in the shutdown area? I believe that was what Larry was concerned about. Also, do you think the track woud be able to handle an event of this magnitude?

  2. kirby says:

    im sure larry will go with the Man. Cup in bradenton,his sponsors will be there and its the same decision ide make too

  3. wiliam says:

    shut down area , geography of track surface .
    weather in april.
    I,d rather watch top fuel drag bikes run 1,000 ft.
    or 660 ft. where safety is a question.

    in plain english 1/4 mile or less when riders specify .

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