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Top Fuel Motorcycle Legend Brian Johnson Passes

Brian Johnson Top Fuel
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  1. jackietrett says:

    We all loved Brian but we need to pray for Ann

  2. Scooter Kizer says:

    Brian Johnson was the Elmer Trett of the UK. I spent a lot of time with both of them and sometimes it was hard to tell them apart. It’s just one of them had an accent. And it depends on what side of the pond you are from as to which one talked funny.

    I loved both Brian and Elmer and learned a lot from these mild mannered giants who shaped the sport we love. Brian will be sorely missed and this unexpected loss is sad. Please turn your prayers and attention to Ann.

    1. ron teson says:

      I never talked with brian but I Know the effort and money it takes to run these bikes and personally I had a non cancerous brain tumor removed 3 years ago so I am thankful I’m her
      god speed brian
      ron teson

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