The First Time I Met Jim Kizer

Jim Kizer
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  1. deborah says:

    sorry to hear this..Debra keeping the family in prayers..

  2. Pastor Don & Millie Dowling says:

    The Kizer family became our family years ago..Jim is an awesome family man..He will be missed tremendously..Heaven got another Angel..We pray for peace and comfort for his wife Irene and all of his family..We love you all…God is Good..

  3. Scooter Kizer says:

    Thanks for telling that story Jack. That was my dad! As he would tell it he had 3 kids at home and a thousand on race weekends.

  4. 7.0 Joe says:

    God speed Jim.
    Jim was such a great guy and I have so many great memories with him . He was our Dad for four days once a month several months a year. He would come by our pits in the evening to make sure we were behaving and also to spend some quality time with us. He was always firm and stern about the rules in the pits and soft and warm as a friend and mentor.

    Jack is so right about his enthusiasm at the top end……I will always remember the Saturday in Virginia when I made what I felt was a smooth easy pass and Jim came roaring up in his mule. I was still rolling into the shut down area and he was yelling with happiness ” you just ran a 7.02 , joe it was a 02 ” I hit the brakes and got a high five and a hug from my race weekend Dad . What a memory !

    7.0 Joe

  5. Steve churchman says:

    Mr.Kiser was such a nice guy to all of us with the Fire and Ice race team. I could always find time to listen to one of Jims storys. We will all miss him so much. God speed, Mr.Jim, and thanks.

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