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Puma Aquires Pro 1 Suzuki

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Puma Engineering, manufacturer of the worlds most powerful motorcycle engines are proud to announce they have concluded the acquisition of the Pro 1 Suzuki business of Canada’s Dawson Engineering.

Pro 1 have built an enviable reputation as the aftermarket case supplier of choice for the fastest and quickest Suzuki Funnybike, Pro Mod, PXM and Competition Bike riders such as European Champion Rikard Gustafsson, and US Champion Travis Davis.

Commercial Director of Puma Engineering Ian King said “Pro 1 is an ideal platform for Puma to build on its plans to offer solutions to develop the dragbike market. It is well understood that the Funnybike, Pro Extreme and ProMod classes are at the cutting edge of unitary engine racing, and they are also the natural breeding ground for Top Fuel racers of the future. We are currently working on plain bearing crank designs for these classes to alleviate the well known issues of trying to leverage power from roller bearing crank engines. The Pro 1 platform gives us a trusted platform to more quickly achieve or aims. The growth in interest in the PXM class at the ADRL has provided additional motivation to help overcome some of the deficiencies of the standard cases as tuners `push the envelope’”

Steve Dawson, owner of Dawson Engineering commented “My burgeoning general engineering interests meant that I am unable to exploit my Pro 1 business in the way it deserves. As the undoubted leader in dragbike engine technology Puma Engineering was the ideal company to entrust my visions for the future. The synergy between the manufacturer of the quickest and fastest motorcycle engines in the world and our Pro 1 line was irresistible”




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Readers Comments (2)

  1. wendell daniels says:

    is the cylinder head 2v or 4v what is the cost for cases, block,and head can you email more information about the pro 1 engine


  2. wiliam says:

    nhra pro stock bikes need that suzuki 4 valve per cyl. head
    side note recent top fuel 5:709
    p.s. we love you !!!
    I haven,t said the words” I didn,t hear him shift it,siince 1970 something ,when terry vance brought his double engine gas honda east . that was air shft.
    puma and happy customers that one happy combination
    no nitrous oxide pun intended (happy)

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