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New IDBL Pro ET and Street ET Rule Gives Riders More Opportunities to Win

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In the International Drag Bike League’s (IDBL) ultra-competitive Shinko Pro ET and Lady Law Street ET categories, a rider is now permitted to enter up to two separate entries. Each motorcycle must be uniquely numbered, corresponding to each respective tech card.

Dustin Lee Double Win


“This rule is by popular demand,” IDBL President Jack Korpela said. “A great number of our racers have more than one Pro ET and Street ET bike. Our fields are massive. Bringing two bikes and buying two tech cards will give a racer more opportunities to win each race.”


The IDBL rulebook reads – “GENERAL: Double entry is not permitted on any IDBL event (double entries are defined as two riders being alive in eliminations on the same bike or one rider with two entries on the same bike).  However, one rider is permitted to ride two different bikes in the same class or the same bike in multiple classes (provided it meets the rules for those classes).  Riders are also permitted to ride two different bikes in two different classes.”


Boo Browns Dragbikes

IDBL racer Boo Brown has a fleet of impressive dragbikes.



The new rule will go into effect at the IDBL season-opening MTC Summer Nationals, May 18-21 at Maryland International Raceway.


“These bracket classes are tough,” Korpela said. “Squeeze another bike in your trailer to improve your odds and have more fun!”




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