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MIROCK True Street Rule Revision

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“From now on in True Street 1000cc bikes are the same exact wheelbase as Busas and 14s,” reports MIROCK official Jason Miller “The only difference in wheelbase is from a turbo bike to a nitrous bike. Turbo bikes are 2″ shorter than nitrous bikes, but the turbo bikes can now have any style boost controller.”

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GROUND CLEARANCE: All components, including bodywork, must have a minimum of 2 inches of static ground clearance for nitrous entries, and 3 inches of static ground clearance for turbocharged entries. All bikes in True Street will be required to be at 3” ground clearance in 2009 (revised 5-7-08).Static ground clearance measurements will be taken with rider seated on bike, hands on handlebars, and feet forward with heels only contacting the ground.  (Dynamic Ground Clearance: Ground clearance during the run, or dynamic ground clearance, constantly changes due to tire flex/growth, suspension movement, chassis and swingarm flex, etc. Because of the many variables involved in actual ground clearance during the run, there is no reasonable method to measure this value. Static ground clearance, or ground clearance with the bike sitting stationary, is the only defined measure for ground clearance. However, in the interest of safety, any entrant observed by the MIROCK technical staff to have an unsafe amount of dynamic ground clearance may be required to alter their bike or setup, even if they pass the static ground clearance measurement. This may be done at any time during the event, and the manner or methods of these alterations will be determined on a case-by-case basis).

TURBOCHARGERS: Entrants running a turbocharger are limited to one turbocharger, with a maximum inlet housing diameter of 54.5 mm. This measurement is to be taken at the point on the inlet housing where the leading edge of the compressor wheel meets the inlet housing. All air entering the turbo must pass through this opening. Turbochargers are not allowed inlet air-cooling. Water injection and intercoolers are not permitted. Any type of boost controller is permitted (revised 5-7-08)




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