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MIROCK Rider Weight and Wheelbase Rule Revision: DME Racing Real Street

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by MIROCK’s Jason Miller

We have made a few minor adjustments to rider weights & wheelbases in the DME Racing Real Street class at MIROCK. We have made the change to make 15 lb. rider weight increments for the next inch of wheelbase, instead of the 20 lb. rider weight increments for the next inch of wheelbase. The lower weight riders will stay where they are but as the rider weights increase some racers may find they can lose a few pounds and stay the same wheelbase or gain 5-10 lbs and go another inch longer and near the top of the scale some riders will see they can stay the same weight and add an inch of wheelbase.

We also want to see other model motorcycles out there (BMWs, Hondas, and Yamahas). Some of these models have been given extra wheelbase over the Suzuki’s and Kawasaki’s to give them incentive to build the other model bikes.  These changes could make the class even more interesting and spawn new products for the aftermarket industry, and we ultimately hope that we can gain more interest from the manufacturers.

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