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McBride Wants to Retire Iconic Dragbike with 5.60s

Larry McBride Top Fuel
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  1. Kelly Trett Thomason says:


  2. Allison Stancil says:

    AWESOME Larry…can’t wait to see some TF motorcycle racing this year

  3. Brian "Gambler" Rowe says:

    Larry glad to call you my “friend” on facebook. Have loved watching you race for about the last 25 yrs or so. You are a legend and in inspiration for all of us, who hope to one day be half as good as you!! You are the John force of motorcycle racing, of course i know you would want some of the credit to go to the “Don Garlits” of motorcycle racing as well. Elmer Trett. He i am sure is in heaven lookin down going “Git it son”!!
    Whatever you do with the bike will be the right thing!! Cannot wait to see the new one!

  4. Please put it in don Garlets. Thanks for all the years of great racing. Hope the new bike goes 5.50’s

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