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Jeremy Teasley Takes All-RS Motorsports Final

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Multi-time DME Racing Real Street champ Jeremy Teasley scored perhaps his closest win ever in a 7.80 to 7.80 final against his RS Motorsports owner/tuner/teammate Roger Starrette. Teasley was actually .006 slower from point to point but got a .029 jump at the start for the win.

Jeremy Teasley Winner's Circle



This incredible DME Racing Real Street final between the two nitrous-huffing, Kawasaki ZX14s took place at the International Drag Bike League’s WPGC Bike Fest at Maryland International Raceway. The all-RS final capped off a weekend where the team, along with David Merks on his turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa, qualified 1-2-3.


Teasley also won FBR Shop 5.60 riding Carroll Craft’s ‘Busa streetbike, and the Grom Shootout on JC Betancourt’s tiny beast.



Roger Starrette thanks Adams Performance, the whole RS Motorsports team, and Jason Miller and the staff at Maryland International Raceway.







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