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Harley Davidson and NHRA Ready to Rumble in 2013, Pro Dragster Hoping to Make Cut

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  1. Dano Wert says:

    What was your source for this info? It has been posted in several areas that the only points and championship would be for Top Fuel. Unless Kris Schoonover’s name is associated with it I would doubt any statement. I have been getting conflicting stories from the different division reps so what are we to believe?

  2. Dano Wert says:

    Another example is just in this article the series is called 2 different things. The series changed its name after the 2012 announcement from NHRA Lucas Oil Screamin’ Eagle Championship Racing Series to the current NHRA – Harley Davidson Drag Racing Series. That is unless previously published reports are incorrect. Not picking on anyone, just trying to show how much disinformation is being published and spread around.

  3. Tom McCarthy says:

    Dano, the NHRA link as shown above leads to the NHRA site promoting the new Harley Davidson DRS (Drag Racing Series). Yes, I can see that there may be some confusion between the new DRS and the “Screamin’ Eagle Championship Racing Series.” Obviously there is some setteling in here that will take place. For example, the rules were up, then they were down, then, well as I stated, there are adjustments in progress and on-going. That’s NOT dis-information: that’s racing. An evolution is in progress. The links to the sources are clearly stated. You raise an excellent point about points relative to series and class. While it’s clear that T/F will acrue points and battle for a championship, it is not so clear if the other four classes will do so. AND there is a very strong reason to belive there will be a 6th class added very soon, P/D. Thank you for your observations and comment. TMc

  4. Dano Wert says:

    Tom, the biggest problem so far talking to Schoonie is that the Division Offices are not informed and up to date. Also there are a “LOT” of bugs to be worked out. Registration fees is one of them. The lower 3 classes require you to win just to pay the registration fees and 1 additional pit pass, based on information that the division offices are giving out. Another is limiting the number of bikes a rider can race.

    The issue with adding the PD class which I whole heartedly think is a great idea, brings up more considerations. Like where are they going to find the extra $23,250 for the purse for 10 races? The purse structure was to imitate the 2012 AHDRA season. $23K is a a lot of cash and you certainly can’t take it away from the other 5 classes.

    Schoonie and the NHRA have some bumps in the road ahead but I’m sure that they can work them out if they really want this series to make a go of it.

  5. Tom McCarthy says:

    Here’s the latest link to the official NHRA info as of 2 Feb 2013

  6. Tom McCarthy says:

    Attention Racers: The June 19-21, New England Dragway, Epping NH race date has been amended on the NHRA website to read JULY 19-21. Be alert for changes by watching the NHRA web site for the NHRA Harley-Davidson DRS schedule. Thank You TMc.

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