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American Performance Engineering APE – Reliability and Experience in Dragbike Racing and Powersports

APE Larry McBride
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  1. Ian King says:

    Awesome company, fabulous products and great people!

  2. Jim+Beatty says:

    Have Fun & Be Safe everyone !!!!!!!! Great announcing Bill

  3. Steve Farrand says:

    Hello Guys.. “American Express” gave me tons of trouble – Hanging up on me 15 times & blurring a: $2,200 Money Order; but I beat them / My reimbursement for this Money order should be arriving soon -and this cylinder head porting will finally take place, along with the purchase of my k435 Cams, and definitely 3 future drilled discs for my 1200cc Kawasaki. Very Sorry for this ridiculous delay… but all things worked out for the best / and I will be commuting from: Lake Los Angeles to Rosamond; really soon!

    “Ben”, Guess what? My church – the: “Methodist Church of Lancaster” is having a bowling league. Who knows if you also want to come out and have some fun – rolling those strikes again? Either way, I will be seeing you as soon as my check arrives in the mail; then the Ported cylinder head will happen, and I can bring in these discs one by one – to get drilled out… Future 1200cc “Turbo Cams” and “Turbo Pistons” are very likely also!

    Your Loyal customer: “Steve”
    My wife: “Cindy” had a Heart attack, so there have been several serious things / that have made additional delays; Sorry for this, but my hands have been tied!
    ( 661 ) 526 – 4744

  4. Steve Farrand says:

    I recently got my 1015 barrels re-sleeved out to: 1200cc… I need to know how much that: the 1200cc “Turbo Pistons” are, and: “Turbo Cams” cost / because it will not be too long until these parts; and a: “Mr. Turbo” system goes onto my bike!

    Will I have to get these barrels Honed, and buy some new gaskets, when I switch the street compression pistons for the Turbo Ones – is this an easy task to do everything… without having to re-sleeve another pair of 1015 barrels and have a spare set of everything; when the Turbo system gets hooked all up? I think that I will need to get a much better: Steering Dampner, rake the frame, and some: “Performance Machine” Aluminum Rims; as well. Your Web Sites take me forever, and sometimes I can’t find what I need… I wish that you still had your good: cataloges available! Will any of you be at the Pomona Bike Drag Finals, on: November 15th? If so, great / I’ll see you at the race track, and your shop first – as soon as my: “American Express” refund Money Order for: $2,200 arrives; to get that Ported head done and purchase my 435 Webb Cams added on also; Finally!!!

    3 Drilled Discs, will be brought in very soon; then some Dunlop tires and all new disc brakes will be all that I need to get going again. Thanks for all of your: Great quality parts!!!

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