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2012 Motorcycle Drag Racing Schedule

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In addition to the schedule below, the Manufacturers Cup committee is expected to release three dates and venues for the 2012 season.

2012 Motorcycle Race Schedule

March 8-11    NHRA    Gainesville
March 17-18    Mirock    Rockingham
March 30-31    ADRL    Houston

April 20-21    ADRL    Bristol
April 21-22    AHDRA    Gainesville
April 27-29    NHRA    Houston
April 28-29    Mirock    Budds Creek

May 4-5    ADRL    Maple Grove
May 4-6    NHRA    Atlanta
May5-6    AHDRA    Rockingham
May 18-20    NHDRO    Muncie
May 19-20    AHDRA    ATCO
May 31-June 3    NHRA    Englishtown

June 1-2    ADRL    St Louis
June 2-3    Mirock    Budds Creek
June 8-10    NHDRO    Indianapolis
June 9-10    AHDRA    Norwalk
June 22-23    ADRL    Virginia
June 28-July 1     NHRA    Chicago
June 30-July 1    Mirock    Rockingham
June 30-July 1    AHDRA    Tulsa

July 5-8    NHRA    Norwalk
July  13-14    ADRL    Martin
July 13-15    NHDRO    Muncie
July 20-22    NHRA    Denver
July 21-22    Mirock    Budds Creek
July 27-29    NHRA    Sonoma

August 3-4    ADRL    Charlotte
August 3-4    AHDRA    Bristol
August 10-12    Bristol    Bristol
August 16-19    NHRA    Brainerd
August 17-19    NHDRO    Indianapolis
August 25-26    AHDRA    Woodburn
August 25-26    Mirock    Rockingham
August 29-Sep 3    NHRA    Indianapolis

September 7-8    ADRL    Memphis
September 8-9    AHDRA    Catawissa, PA
September 14-16    NHRA    Charlotte
September 14-16    NHDRO    Muncie
September 20-23    NHRA    Dallas
September 28-29    ADRL    Norwalk
September 28-30    NHRA    St Louis
September29-30    Mirock    Budds Creek

October 4-7    NHRA    Reading
Ocober 13-14    AHDRA    Rockingham
October 19-20    ADRL    Ennis
October 25-28    NHRA    Vegas
October 27-28    AHDRA    Bell Rosa, LA

November 3-4    Mirock    Rockingham
November 8-11    NHRA    Pomona



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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Scott Sober says:

    don’t forget the pmra schedule
    April 28th TVRP, Noble, OK
    May 19th TVRP, Noble, OK
    June 16th
    TVRP, Noble, OK
    July 14th
    TVRP, Noble, OK
    September 22nd
    TVRP, Noble, OK
    October 27th
    TVRP, Noble, OK

  2. Don’t forget WMDRA schedule:

    Season Opener (Pre Arizona Bike Week!)
    Speedworld Raceway Park
    March 24 – March 25

    Las Vegas Open – New!
    The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
    May 19

    Fall Classic
    Speedworld Raceway Park
    November 3 – November 4

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