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Well Known Dragbike Veteran Gilham and Partner Taking Lectron to New Heights, on and off Pavement

Cecil Towner, Kevin Gilham, Ryan Schintz
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  1. Tony Conway says:

    Kevin this is Tony in buffalo. Great article and congratulation on your success. Always great to see old friends doing great things. Keep kicking it!!!!

  2. LaVern's Small Engine says:

    Kevin great story. Thanks for all the help in the old days on the h2 750 hillclimbers and the two stroke dirt bikes.You help me a lot.Lectrons rock.

  3. Thanks for taking the MarkII engine out of my bike at free wheelin under warranty and giving me back a standard KZ1000 short block. Glad I got 1/3rd of the richie rich parts from Allan’s cellar on Linden

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