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The Story of Sam Wills’ Top Fuel Motorcycle Five in Testing

Sam Wills
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  1. Jim Bachman says:

    Woo Hoo!!!! We knew you could do it!!!

  2. Rod Pallant says:

    Hi Sam long time no see, well done on the new bike into the 5´s and fast !!! Rod

  3. Tom Loughlin Jr says:

    The exuberance you showed on your face 39.5 years ago in the photo when you were getting that first win trophy from Roy at Fremont was a window into the lifelong enthusiasm that marked a milestone with your first five. Don’t worry,Sam, there’ll be more and I hope I will be on hand in person to see them.

  4. Bob Harvey says:

    Congratulations again to Sam ,Mike,and crew it was a pleasure to be there and experience that milestone with ya’ll .I can assure you there will be many more to come.And a very special thanks to all of you for all of your help.Bob Harvey Houston Motorsports

  5. Roger Walker says:


  6. Billy Mac says:

    Wow! Glad to see your still having fun! Hope to see you if you get close to me I’m living in Starke Fla. If you can call me @912-387-1163!

  7. dusty mackenzie says:

    great to see ya still haulin the mail one great fabricator wheelie bars on my rz 350 and first 9second gsxr AA/SS thanks for the memories norcal gardening club

  8. Dave Blunt says:

    Keepin TRACK of you Sam,Good Ride!! BUTT YA KNOW IT COULD HAVE BEEN A TWENTY!!remember the old saying??DPB.

  9. SCOUT says:

    I ALWAYS KNEW YOU’D GET IN THAT CIRCLE BOSS MAN!!! A Great day for you I know and die the whole team up there. Very proud for ya Sir, I also know another LADY that would be very proud for ya Sir,I damn sure wish she could have seem it, so do I also, bet it was a blast, great on ya Sam,
    Semper Fi!!!

  10. Michael Chelette says:

    Congrats on the 5 from your old gang in Jacksonville. Hope to see you at Gatornationals!
    Michael Chelette

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