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The Pioneers of Pro Stock Motorcycle: 1973-2000 – Part 2

Dave Schultz Pro Stock Motorcycle
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  1. Kevin says:

    Very good article but , no mention of the first woman of Pro Stock Bike Vikki Farr ! Watched her dominate any and everything she raced ! She was and is awesome ! This comes from a car guy !

  2. Cherlynn says:

    Chip Solley….ask any of the men you laud in your book and they’ll remember him. The late John Myers was his protege. In the first ever NMRA 1979 Inaugural Event In Gainesville he beat Terry Vance in first round eliminations, “Superbike” Mike in the second round and Bob Carpenter in the final.
    In 1982 he won the IDBA ProStock Championship.
    Also in 1982 he had the fastest run in history (up to that point) at Edgewater Sports Park (8.42 157mph)
    Chip was the first to run an airshifter.
    And just when he found a sponsor and was ready to sign a million dollar deal, he got hit by a motorcycle at a 100 mph.
    He was in the hospital for 9 months.
    “Pizza” John Mafero made a special trip to visit him in the hospital.
    Chip was a natural born genius with bikes. He could make one run on a bike and know just what to tweak & modify to make it better.
    He still loves the sport and is still a genius…he’d love to be a consultant. He’s so good, he can troubleshoot a problem just by listening.
    What a thrill it would give him for one of the “old guys” to call him.
    His number is 407-592-5280

  3. shawn boyer says:

    my father lance boyer raced in that era with the best of them he won championships to was wondering why he not mentioned or has article on it

    1. Steve Meiterman says:

      Shawn, I had the pleasure of racing with your Dad, Lance was a real gentleman and your Mom was a wonderful person too. I remember in 1991 when I broke all my spare motors your Dad lent me one of his bullets to stay in the race. Lance was a great competitor and as I recalled road and tuned his own bike, very well I may add.
      Steve Meiterman

  4. Rich HInderholtz says:

    There’s no mention of John Gregory from Sunset Motors in Kenosha. Information I’ve received in an interview with John should be crediting him with his inventions. Motorcycle Slider Clutch and Planetary 2 Speed Gearbox
    “Nitro Fuel bikes were mostly high gear because of the limits of the available gearboxes. In 1971 I had an idea to build a 2 speed using a Borg Warner overdrive planetary gear set applied by a foot lever activated automatic transmission band for full throttle no clutch shifts. The available automatic transmission gear sets were too big and heavy. During the winter John designed and built a new Double Norton HogSlayer for the 1972 season. At first the high gear bike was still faster because of traction problems. We worked with Sandy Kosman to build the first motorcycle hub for the16” Cragar Monocoque car wheel. Our sponsor M&H supplied a modified 600/16-car slick. The combination of slider clutch, 2 speed & 6”tire proved almost unbeatable. After we won the 1972 NHRA World Finals everyone wanted a 2 speed. We couldn’t build them fast enough. Sonny Routt and Joe Smith got automotive transmission builder Lenco to make a motorcycle transmission before we could get into production.” I think you should contact Gregory for an interview.

  5. Barry Taylor says:

    Hi John
    Just a short note to say Thank you for all the hard work you have put in here assembling all the data on MC drag racing history.
    It is a Huge Task but you are doing a great job.
    Brisbane Australia

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