The First 200 MPH African-American Dragbike Racer – Tommy Bolton

Tommy "Tombo" Bolton
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  1. Ken Russell says:

    My name is Ken Russell me an TomBo came from the same street of LA Calif. He (TomBo) build my first Drag Bike back in
    1977 / Me an Tom we road the streets of L.A. (The same neighborhoods) an give (other racers) them Hell. He was like the little Brothers I never had / When I first seeing hem (TomBo) run 200mph it was Vegas an it was something see.

  2. Jim London says:

    I live in the Dallas Metroplex and I witnessed Tommy running his first 200 mph pass. He is a personable individual willing to help you. Saw some of the bikes from his shop in Memphis recently still competitive.

  3. Keith Wynder says:

    Hey Tom I love your story bro well I’m 54 also came out late in the game but I own a 1997 CBR 1100 XX blackbird and I would love for you to work on my bike I just want my bike to run like it’s suppose to run before I leave this earth may God bless you and your success…..

  4. Lloyd Thomas says:

    Hi just wanted your thoughts iam looking for a motor for a Kawasaki ZR1 pro stock is it best to build a motor or buy a crate motor? I Need some Heat For These Guys In Los Angeles Lol

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