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Rookie Savoie Ready to Race at Z-Max

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Jerry Savoie and his White Alligator racing team continues to look forward with there sights set on O’Reilly Auto Part Nationals at Z Max Dragway in Charlotte North Carolina. It takes more then multiple mechanical problems to phase Savoie. “We are pretty excited after all the trouble we had in Indy and to go as far as we went. we think the bike is a little faster then the other bike because areodynamically it seems to be better. Were not even close to hitting our stride so I think were going to be good.”

The team did have their worries debuting a brand new motorcycle in Indy but know it was the right decision come time for the countdown. “Yeah we made the right choice like I said we got quicker. With the other bike I do not know if we could have gotten ahead of Karen [Stoffer] or stayed ahead of her, even Eddie [Krawiec]. We will see at this race how we stack up against the rest of them.”

“We will take it day by day if we can do good then great if we don’t we try harder.”

The team may not be working on anything special for the countdown they are excited to have made the top ten in there rookie year. “I think it is great we came into this at the beginning of the year really wanting to go all the way and were going in the right direction. I watch guys come out week after week and don’t even qualify so we are fortunate.”

As far as racing the Z Max Dragway, “I wish it could be four wide that would be pretty neat but they say it’s a very good track I am excited to see what it looks like compared to other tracks.”

Qualifying begin on Friday at 4:30pm and 7:15pm then Saturday at 11:15am and 1:45pm



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