Pro Open – a New Motorcycle Drag Racing Class for the Open-Minded

Rob Giard Burnout
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  1. Peter Villacaro says:

    Hhhmm, a good idea but while the “open” concept is a welcome idea I think there needs to be a simple guideline like a limit on rear tire width and possibly no electronics. With these simple limits I think you would see some very good racing with lots of older combos brought back to race again but the expense needs to be managed to some degree and also reward some good old fashioned savvy in tuning and riding.

  2. Keith LeBlanc says:

    Big thanks to Cooper Performance for stepping to the plate as class sponsor. As a fan, I’m very excited about the potential of a wide variety of machinery all competing together in a heads-up format. I’ll be pulling for the turbocharged rotary powered bike. Or the 2-stroke. Or the turbine. Or….?

  3. alan sear says:

    Dear peter I just looked up def’n of open “not restricted” is one of many. You seem to suggesting a more “open but class”
    There are already many of these, just give it a chance. Restrictions can have many negative effects, look at the uk ban on nitro in sportsman racing, now they are looking at a nostalgia nitro funny class there is limited experience. Old nitro bikes limited to demo’s or sprinting etc.

  4. Tom McCarthy says:

    It will be very exciting to see who and what shows up for this class at the MANCUP races this season.

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing a different kind of class, FunnyBike has always been my fav. ProMod has become a cookie cutter class, the only difference is rider and paint.
    I’m Stoked…;^)
    Plus this fits the new parts I’m making…

  6. Scott McKinney says:

    We can’t wait Eric. and Ashley are both ready to let there hair down and air them out .I think this was a great idea .

  7. Tom Housteau says:

    Better late than never but the horse may already have went out the gate. Have to allow 4 wheels on it to see this old coot back. Been preaching this concept for years to no avail. Sold everything off but someone did buy the stuff.

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