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Pictures of the New Kawasaki ZX-14

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Most drag racers agree, Kawasaki’s ZX-14 is the best quarter-mile motorcycle the esteemed manufacturer has ever produced.
Get ready, because the 2012 ZX-14R will be even better.

The biggest change comes through a 4mm stroke addition to give the ’12 ZX-14R a staggering total of 1441cc. The combustion chambers are reshaped along with the intake ports to maximize performance. The camshafts feature revised profiles with a reinforced cam chain, allowing the engine to withstand high rpm levels. The pistons have also seen changes to increase their strength while at the same time shedding weight.

One of the major highlights is a new oil jet cooling system that provides constant lubrication underneath each piston. Engine compression is now 12.3:1 and as a result connecting rods have been re-designed with stronger material. The crankshaft main journals are 2mm thicker compared to the past model, and a new air cleaner has 10% more surface area and 40% larger airflow capability.

There are also some changes to the sleek machine’s appearance as well.  Drag bike racing superstar Rickey Gadson was nice enough to share some pictures of the new ZX-14.



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