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Over 100 Volunteers Show up to Rebuild Kansas International Dragway

Kansas International Dragway Sign
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  1. brice bissell says:

    I am very happy the track is still there because it is the best track we have and gets better every year and i go there most week ends.

  2. Debbie Stegemiller says:

    Mark Tighe, passed away Nov. 19, 2014….He loved NHRA and raced, Fat Bastards, was his team name. Is it possible to have a sign or something to honor his memory, at the track. Eugene Rowson, would be the one to talk to. He was Marks best friend and Mark gave his racing truck to Eugene right before he passed. Mark was a gentle giant who love racing. Let’s see if we can do something in his memory. <3 We love and miss you, Mark Tighe.

    1. Jack Korpela says:

      Debbie, that’s a great idea. I would reach out to the folks at KID on Facebook.

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