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Motorcycle Drag Racing Secrets by Mark E. Dotson

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Mark Dotson Dragbike racingI have heard it a million times, “if drag racing was easy, everybody would be doing it”. That saying remains just as true today as it was many years ago.  Many people get into drag racing thinking that they just need a bike and some bolt on parts and away they go. Well, the harsh reality soon sets in at the starting line where the great equalizer, the Christmas tree, humbles even the best of us.

One of the most important drag racing secrets I can pass onto you as a racer is to do everything the same every time. You need to take this to the extreme to obtain the consistent results that drag racing demands. A checklist is the best way to accomplish this. It doesn’t matter if it is a dry erase board in your trailer or a printed one on a clipboard. Use it to make sure you do the same thing over and over until it is routine.

If your tire pressure needs to be 10.5psi and you ran a half tank of fuel on the former pass, make sure it is the same on this pass. If the conditions remain the same, you can keep many adjustments the same but then again, that is another great equalizer…constantly changing conditions. By having the same set up each time, it will make you a more consistent rider. You must also be consistent.

Mark Dotson HayabusaHave a routine of how you put on your suit, gloves, boots and helmet. Have a routine for your kill switch attachment. The front of the staging lanes is a bad time to remember your gloves are back at the trailer! How would I know? Because I have made every mistake possible at drag strips across the country and learned from those mistakes.

I condensed all this knowledge into a great book that will help racers whether they are just starting out or are seasoned racers. If you want to improve your game, get your copy of the book at Motorcycle Drag Racing Secrets. You will also see some great tips from the Pros like Rickey Gadson, Larry McBride, Rob Hunnicut and many others. Bolt on parts are one thing, but knowledge wins races!

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