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Motorcycle Drag Racing: A History Available from Schnitz

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There is a line in a Lovin’ Spoonful song that says, “It’s like trying to tell a stranger about rock ‘n roll.” Motorcycle drag racing is a bit like that. To those who follow it, the sport makes perfect sense. To those who don’t, it makes none at all. This book is for both.

While the book explains many of the mechanical aspects of motorcycle drag racing, the people are what make it interesting. In the words of former Cycle editor, Cook Neilson, “Stein gives dimension and warmth to the people who built and rode these bikes, some of whom are still banging their heads against the quarter-mile reality. Clem Johnson. Sonny Routt. Boris Murray. John Gregory. Leo Payne. Byron Hines. Joe Smith. Dozens more. Geniuses all, innovators all. John Stein has done them – bikes and men – proud.”

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