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Larry “Spiderman” McBride and Trim-Tex Announce Major Sponsorship for 2016, Two-Bike Team Coming

Larry McBride
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  1. Dan Zeeff says:

    As a drywall contractor with 40 years experience, and a drag bike fan for the last few years, and the owner of a Harley under construction for the coming year, I’m just crazy happy to see this.

  2. Kevin Assad says:

    Larry, you are a hero to many of us motorcycle drag racers and I would like to say how awesome it is going to be watching your two bike team, congratulations, and thank you Mr. Koenig for all you have done BANZAI RACING

  3. Hey, no offense to you Guys, but where is the praise to “Pup” Puppet? Ya know Jesse Stephan and a team of guys are building chassis’ in Amherst, NY. Jesse is Pup taught, and building modern CAD designed chassis’ Ask Korry
    Are you going to these guys????? How about praising these Guys?
    I knew larry back in 1989 when I hung with Jim Mangus. Larry had a damn near Suzuki conversion chassis running Top Fuel. Blowing cylinders off at Piedmont, NC.
    Whatever, don’t ever stop praising the “PUP”
    Marty from Buffalo, NY

  4. john gregory says:

    There have been many great Top Fuel racers. Larry McBride has won the most championships and tops them all.
    Congratulations Larry and good luck.

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