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Grothus Dragbikes Acquires Considerable PMFR Inventory, Entering Wheel Business

Grothus Dragbikes
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  1. Dennis Delnagro says:

    Do you have a list and prices of your inventory yet ? I’m looking for axel blocks and wheelie bar mounts for my frame. thanks Denis

  2. Billet component says:

    Gdb is going to have stiff competition try to compete in quality and price. There’s a new mfg. heading to market, with higher quality race components and tighter tolerences than ever seen before. We have all the CNC’s ready and started production, we will post soon on cycle drag

  3. Billet component says:

    Grouthus will have stiff competition in this market, a new race part and wheel mfg. is ready to enter the market with tighter tolerence parts and wheels at very reasonable prices racers can afford. All parts will be made of 7075T6 with a different process that will make a difference. Stay tuned for more info coming out next month

  4. John says:

    It is May now, where is the more info that was coming out in March?

  5. MICHAL PARKER says:

    I need front holes 1.850×18 wheel i have the rear wheel, I need the front wheel.


    I purchased a one sided break disk/pulley assembly from PMFR years ago and need to replace parts. Do you still carry these products?

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