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George Bryce Update on 2017 Plans, Company Name Change

Star Power - George and Jackie Bryce
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  1. Deborah Haydock says:

    Good luck in your new adventures. Wayne and I will always know you as Star Racing. We have made it a point to keep up with what you two are doing. Wayne always loved racing against you;you kept him on his toes. You two are the best and look forward to seeing you at the dragstrip one day. Take care.

  2. Thomas E Loughlin Jr says:

    Lemonade !!

  3. Sammy Caines says:

    Met this kid in 1976 on a brand new KZ900
    Kaw. at Blaney Drag Strip. He turned out to be the best engine builder and a good
    friend. And today I still call him a good
    friend. His name is George Bryce.

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