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Decisions, Decisions – Which 2012 Motorcycle to Buy?

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  1. Jack Korpela says:

    Editor’s pick – I have to go with the ZX-14 simply because I fell in love with the appearance and styling and I have always been a Kaw guy. I think I’d be happy with just about any of the 2012 models though. It’s unreal how fast they are from the factory.

  2. Bret Lawson says:

    As the owner of a 2009 Busa……sit on both and ride both if possible. Buy the one that “fits” the best. Beyond that, if you want the latest and greatest get the 14. If you want the most proven and best aftermarket get the Busa. Both are great bikes and neither is a bad choice!

    1. Frank Duncan says:

      I think Kawasaki is going to keep producing the 14 for years to come and it will become the clear choice for drag racers.

  3. Being a Harley guy, I would have to go with the Street Glide. We are an approved DYNOJET Tuning center, so I would have Steve take it in and install a set of our street ported heads, change the cam, abd install a Power Commander. Then I would build a custom set of stepped “True Duals” based off of our race headers. That would make for one exiciting ride, vor sure.

  4. JP says:

    Gadson went with the Kaw! Imagine that!

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