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Chris Matheson Crash Video

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  1. wild bill says:

    Over your head as in. Let’s figure it out as it happens.
    With that much adrenaline pumping it was all ego
    and bravado .
    Wave at the crowd on the return road , yet don,t turn your head to look directly at them.
    God love ya though we smile at fear because we have noticed the subtle changes in our thinking and have have pause to see what’s really happening here today.
    You need to get to your local wind tunnel and practice seeking the realities virtual or otherwise. of

  2. The bike was out of control from the start.He should of backed out of the throttle. Gained control or aborted the run!!!!!

    1. Kaufman says:

      Had nothing to do with being out of control. He lost grip with his left hand and got sucked off the bike.

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