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Bryce Wants a Vance and Hines V-Rod

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  1. Fred Collis says:

    It will be interesting to see what NHRA does about this.

  2. Doc. says:

    Not till the Money from HD runs OUT.

  3. Dano Wert says:

    Way to go George!!! I agree 100% make them sell them. Or let you build a 4 valve overhead cam 60 degree motor. Put my vote in for the later.

  4. Todd Horton says:

    As long as the money from Harley is flowing into NHRA pockets nothing will be done.

  5. Doc. says:

    I want a real PSM feild that is fun to watch and is close and the top 6 to 8 are in the hunt for the championship… That is a true PSM class…

  6. Aaron Goble says:

    Please check us out, and if you believe in the cause, press that like button and suggest to your friends!


  7. Bob says:

    It is definately about H-D’s money. Would love to see what L.E could do on the V-Rod with their huge advantage.

  8. R-Man says:

    Who be Geroge Bice ? Tell him 2 loose da bars and den do som talkin. What doz L E stand 4 anyways…..R-man out !!

    1. Sto says:

      R-man are you from this planet ? and George thumbs up to you, we’re behind you all the way.

  9. Doug Reed says:

    It’s a shame that NHRA has become an organization which sells out to such a facist ideal. To give a team such an unfair advantage over the rest of the class is disgusting and a slap in the face to all who compete and to all the fans who watch. For the advantage to be so open and obvious, the message it portrays is worse. I guess
    making rules to allow Harley to be on top so long as they are sponsoring the NHRA is acceptable to some, just shows the only way they (Harley) can be on top is by lining the pockets of NHRA should take a little luster off those trophies they have amassed the last 2 years. Im not putting the blame on V&H, they are just doing their job. Its just easier to win a knife fight with a handgun.

  10. Tim Rinkerman says:

    This type of behavior has become the norm in all american big business. Just like the way the CEO of Goldman Sachs looked at the senate committee with a dumbfounded look on his face when they asked him why he and all his buddies deserved million dollar bonuses paid for by our bailout money, when they should have gone out of business. These type of business dealings have gone on for so long now, it’s just the way it is..

  11. leonard jakab says:

    Harley has always figured out a way to cheat. Harley claims the V rod they sell to the public is the pro stock champion when in reality it is a motorcycle that can only be used by the cheating team of vance and hines. The harley followers think this is a 1250 harley motor that is well tuned made by harley, what a bunch of crap this is,total fools, sickening.

  12. dave smith says:

    George was partially right on 2 valve vs 4 valve. You can decrease cubic inches on the 4 valve OR you can add weight to the motorcycle which NHRA has done several times. The Suzuki’s are very close, sometimes faster than the Harleys. As long as the Suzuki’s have some good races with LE and Michael Phillips running well then nothing is going to change. Its funny that not long ago nobody but Vance and Hines would even touch a V Rod.

  13. Aaron Green says:

    George Bryce is just “telling it like it is”. The Vance and Hines V-Rod’s are nothing but prototype bike’s. That is all they have ever been. Nobody else can buy one, or have one, so they are prototype’s. As for NHRA, just looks like they are just doing “business as usual”. That is what happen’s when a racing organization run’s off anybody and everybody in their employ that know’s anything about racing, and just keeps a bunch of “yes men” and “bean counters” on their payroll. It really is sad to see what NHRA drag racing has become in the last decade or so.

    Aaron Green

    1. Bart Mills says:

      Aaron is right. When the V&H Vrod first appeared I work for a motorcycle dragracing team. Remember when the V&H Vrod first appear, lot of people noted “wait a minute, the Vrod that is available to the public does not have belt driven cams. How is that legal in accordance with the NHRA rules?” but nothing was ever done. Also when the V&H Vrod first appear, it was stated that those dragbike would be available to the public when production of more bikes were completed. That never happen.

  14. jbird says:

    To be fair, the production bike is a 4 valve chain driven cam bike just like they run in PSM with twice the cubes…

    1. X Racer says:

      That’s the point though, doubling the capacity is where the problem lies.

  15. Andy Motl says:

    What’s even sadder is the story of the history of the V-Rod. Erik Buell worked with Porsche in designing, building and testing the V-Rod, financing the entire program with his own money (Harley had all but cut funding in the research and development dept. at Buell and now we know why). After he was satisfied with his final product, Buell presented his new motorcycle to Harley-Davidson (who actually owned the Buell line of motorcycles) for marketing and the fangs came out. We’ll be taking that said Harley without so much as a thank you to Mr. Buell for his time, hard work and compensation for his own personal money he had invested in the project. What they did do was give Erik Buell, the Buell brand, his workers and Buell motorcycles the AX! Kicked em all in the nuts then walked off with his ol’ lady if you will. Harley-Davidson is headed in the wrong direction. The top 5 executives from Harley had a reported 15 million dollars in salaries and bonuses last year! Meanwhile, they outsourced most all of the the parts manufacturing, laid off hundreds and hundreds of blue collar workers in Wis. and Penn. and they also froze their workers wages until 2017! Will prices in stores and at the gas pump remain frozen until 2017???? I hope these greedy, over paid, cold hearted S.O.B.’s, whom most have never even ridden a motorcycle, go out with as much pain and misery they have caused others “below” them. How many families could of lived off that 15 million dollars and gotten by with just what they needed? When is enough enough?
    This corporate greed is out of control and it’s bringing down the curtain on what’s left of this country. Live for nothing or die for something.


  16. Tom Whiteman says:

    Although I am new to motorcycle drag racing, I see the sport dying. I think it’s dying because the sport does not “cater” to the average motorcycle rider. At local tracks it’s kind of an “add on” to the other car classes. Spectators follow those classes because they own one of those “manufactured” cars they can go to the corner lot and purchase.
    The “purchasing public” supports motorsports because they are loyal to what they drive; same is true for motorcycles. All competitive bikes and cars should be available to the purchasing public.

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