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AMA/Prostar Changes Name to AMA Dragbike

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Effectively immediately, AMA/Prostar has changed its name to AMA Dragbike. AMA Dragbike is the drag racing division of the American Motorcyclist Association and is the largest all-motorcycle drag racing sanctioning body in the world. The name change is the first for the association since it grew out of the IHRA motorcycle division in 1990.

“This has to do with awareness within the motorcycle community and outside the motorcycle community,” said AMA Dragbike President Scott Valetti. “Within the drag racing community Prostar is a well-known and well-respected name. However there are motorcycle enthusiasts and companies outside the sport that have no idea what Prostar does and the name doesn’t give them a clue. AMA Dragbike is more descriptive and is the highest level of competition for motorcycle drag racers and we want people know what AMA Dragbike does.”

Accompanying the name change is a new logo and web site. The logo has been designed to represent both wheelie-bar and no-bar racers and merges the traditional Prostar logo with the logos for AMA’s other racing division including Superbike and Motocross. The new look is intended to give AMA Dragbike a more professional presence in the motorsports community and within the AMA itself.

The new web site will be more informative and intuitive.

AMA Dragbike will continue to be lead under the management of Hammer Motorsports owned by Scott McKinney, Scott Valetti and Brandi Neithamer. The new name leads a list of enhancements scheduled for the association in 2008 as it strives to better serve its members, sponsors and fans.



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