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AHDRA Contingency Grows Higher Than Ever

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In 2007 there will be over one-million dollars in cash and prizes available in contingency  to AHDRA racers.

After a busy winter of meeting with two-wheeled manufacturers across the U.S., AHDRA Contingency Program Manager Karen Raffa is pleased to announce record-breaking contingency sponsor postings for AHDRA riders in 2007.

Raffa credited AHDRA’s Bill McGrew for technical direction that led to doubling the postings from the 2006 season.

“Our plan is to educate the racers, especially the new ones, on how to make money utilizing the contingency program,” said Raffa. “There are no tricks. Buy the product from the sponsors, run the product and decal on your bike, and with a first- or
second-place finish, you will be awarded cash or prizes.”

“Our sponsors are great and take a personal interest in our racers and fans,” Raffa added.

“They know they have winning products and they are willing to reward racers for using them. This is very exciting for AHDRA racing, and we are proud that the sponsors trust us to facilitate and manage the program successfully. We will work extra hard to expose the racers and fans alike to the products available and encourage them to support those who support the sport. A huge thanks goes out to the manufacturers for believing in AHDRA and for a record-breaking start to the season.”



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