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Dave Vantine’s #1 Qualifying Pro Extreme Dragbike Motorcycle FOR SALE

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Dave Vantine Pro Extreme MotorcycleThe Suzuki Dragbike that won the pole at the September 2013 ADRL race at Rockingham (this bike’s most recent event) is for sale. “I’ve come to the conclusion that I am now a Top Fuel racer,” said Vantine. “It’s time to give up the Pro Mod. This bike is turn-key, and qualified #1 it’s last outing with a 4.07 at 173 mph in the eighth mile. It’s been 6.491 at 202 mph in the quarter. It has the best of everything and I really hate to sell it, but I don’t have the time for both bikes.”

Here’s what’s in the box:

Dave Vantine Pro Extreme

Dave Vantine’s Ultra-Successful Pro Extreme/Pro Mod is for sale.

Timblin Chassis w/carbon fiber body
PMFR fiberglass nose piece
3 complete motors (all fresh) built and serviced by Dan Wagner (DTM)
Performance Machine front rim
PMFR rear rim
Schnitz Racing PS-3 controller
Racepak V300 data acquisition computer
Lectron 48 and 52 carb sets
Several custom manifolds for both sets of carbs
Includes starter cart and several 5lb bottles
ProJack lift available


For further information, contact David Vantine at


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