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Unmasking Spiderman – The Tale of Larry McBride

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  1. Theresa Weekly says:

    I really enjoyed this interview. I’ve seen Larry race a few times and I have to say it is an awesome experience! Larry is very down to earth and one of the most personable racers at the track – always smiling… Keep it up Larry! A fan from Auburn, Indiana.

  2. Wayne Wyatt says:

    Everything the article says is true. I am former owner of a Nascar Saturday Night Short track. During that time we had Larry at the track with his bike. He was a hugh hit with the fans, especially the young ones. Larry has been and will continue to be a great ambassador for your sport.

    It’s an honor to Call Larry and his brother Steve a friend.

    Keep’um stright and go fast !

  3. Roger Walker says:

    I have follow Larry for many years watch him & Elmer battle it out in 1990 at Acto will all ways remember it love the 5.70 run in Virginia and all the great runs. Larry is a great ambassador for the sport. TOP FUEL IS THE BEST

  4. kelly trett thomason says:

    Larry is the Best at what he does and its all possible because of his family, crew, sponsors and fans…. I count myself BLESSED to fall in 3 of those 4…. great article. 🙂

  5. Wilie Nichols says:

    I been racing out of Larry’s shop for years to this day I still race thanks to Larry and Steve.The two best motorcycle builders in the world and the fastest and my friends what more can you ask for. I been racing because of these two guys since 1985 its been fun.

  6. Charles Fricke says:

    Larry is the greatest! !!!

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