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Troubled Economy Claims Another Racer

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Karen and Greg in Atlanta-the only shot we have of us together at the track!

The economy has taken Greg Krenik and the Desert Dawgs out of competition for the 2009 All Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA) Pro Modified Championship chase. “It’s such a shame too, just after we got the bike ready for the season. We did a couple things to the motor and a couple more to the chassis and the goal was to run an 8.299 at one of the tracks this season.” said Krenik. “Last Friday, during my Performance Review, it came down to a choice, Work or Racing, and after being involved in land development as a Civil Engineer for 16 years at Mark Goodwin & Associates, I need to help Mark stay afloat in this economic crisis.  No more time off without pay. Mark has supported my racing habit for the last 6 years and I am very grateful, therefore, I need to support him when he needs me” Greg added.

“The hardest part is Karen’s job. Karen went to work at the AHDRA, three years ago with almost 30 years experience in the Motorsports Industry-because I was racing with them. This gave us a win-win situation…instead of her traveling with the NHRA or IHRA, we were able to do it together and what a great time we had!” claimed Greg.  Karen added, “For the first time, I saw what it was like from the ‘racers’ point of view, everything from parking, camping in the pits, to Technical rules and race direction.  I was affected by all the decisions that normally I would not feel….so, I think I was helpful to Craig Tharpe, as a crew member and also as an AHDRA employee.  I was set to return in April and my job was going to be changing, I was to be the Managing Editor of SPEED and selling the ads and Contingency and all sorts of Sponsorships for the Sanctioning Body, it was going to be a lot, but I was ready to get them through the tough times.  It sure has been fun and I’m really sad to have to let the racers and the AHDRA down.  But, this was a team deal (Greg and I) and I will say ‘Goodbye’ also.”

Ira (Greg’s brother in-law), Steve and Greg in Oregon, working and ‘gooning around’

“We hope that we can go to Woodburn, OR as rider & Crew Chief. AND, if we’re really lucky, go to Rockingham, NC too, but not for points, it’s not going to happen.  We’ll go to see if we can break a record. HA!” said Greg. “It looks like we’ll be running at the local track here in Albuquerque to tune the bike, the 8500’ adjusted altitude  will take some getting used to. I figure if we can run an 8.79 up here we might get to an 8.299 in OR or NC. Well, maybe not with the C25. But, I still have 3 gallons of A19A left, so we’ll use it up around here. My heartfelt THANKS to goes out to Thunderbird Harley Davidson here in Albuquerque. We try so hard to get great sponsors and then keep them…it’s harder than I thought it would be…but GIVING them a Championship in 2008 was the highlight of my Racing Career!”

“So, we will do local racing for 2009 and keep the Pro Mod active this summer and keep Thunderbird Harley-Davidson, Unique Services, Custom Coating, SA Racing Inc, Mickey Thompson, CP Pistons, Lyndall Racing Brakes, Regina Chain and Synergy Coatings names out there and see what we can do for them at the two AHDRA National events that we hope to attend” he added.

“We feel really sad right now, (kind of like in the Harry Potter movie when the Dementor attacked him on the train and his buddy Ron said, “It feels like I’ll never be cheerful again.”). We finally have something to defend but won’t get the chance, it’s starting to set in. The traveling, the friends, the intense racing, the hard work and then rushing home to go back to work…normally a 24 plus hour ride from New Mexico, was actually FUN…and we got the PM Championship and R-up to the PS Championship…so we can’t feel anything but sadness and gratefulness.”

Sadie, the PM Guard Dawg

WE will miss you all…Have fun and be Safe out there!

On another sad note, we had to say goodbye to our Sadie last Thursday (tough week) …she will be greatly missed.




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