A Look At Chris Hand’s More than 40-Year Journey to the Five Second Zone

Chris Hand Top Fuel
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  1. alan kersey says:

    Great job Chris, well deserved.

  2. Dick Boxell says:

    Great article Tom, very happy to have been a part of it, crewing for Chris and Sharon has been a pleasure that any motorhead would be proud of.

  3. Jim Milsted says:

    Great story. I have known Chris since the 70’s and he has stayed the course. I’m sure he wishes that 5 came alot sooner, but it now makes it so much sweeter.

  4. 7.0 Joe says:

    FANTASTIC effort by Chris Hand and his awesome team! Congratulations to all!

  5. Ian King says:

    Great tribute Jack – well done. However I challenge the $2000 / pass comment. IMHO these type of inflated figures are what has contributed to many potential class runners choosing not to enter TF over the years. Depending on how smart you run your operation the costs per run (consumables, wear and tear) can be but a quarter of that figure.

    1. Tom McCarthy says:

      Ian, I certainly respect your opinion and indeed, as one of the premier Top Fuel motorcycle drag racers in the world, you are most assuredly a man in a position to know your own expenses. However, here in the USA, for the “average” Top Fuel motorcycle team, my cost estimate stands.
      However I will also point out, you are quite right in indicating a well funded, well seasoned team, with the best of parts and tooling, a bike already bought and paid for, debugged, running properly “could” run at a fraction of that cost.

  6. Tim Borrall says:

    Was thrilled to see Chris & team run the 5.89!

  7. Jim Bachman says:

    I was at thunder valley raceway park in noble, Oklahoma standing at the starting line when the Hand racing team ran their first six second pass. Awesome sight.

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