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Timblin Chassis – the Framework for Motorcycle Drag Racing Success

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Walt Timblin describes the art of building a motorcycle drag racing chassis as a “moving target.”

Walt Timblin, Travis Davis Dragbike racingHe has operated Timblin Chassis since 1994 and has produced hundreds of high-quality racing frames. Timblin says it’s rare for two chassis to be exactly the same.

“I’m constantly finding new improvements. We are always coming up with new ideas to make it faster and more user friendly,” Timblin said. “We are constantly playing with the crank to rear length.”

Timblin builds superior chassis for nearly every category of dragbike competition, but lately Pro Mod has become his specialty.  Timblin fabricated over 80 Pro Mod chassis that are in use by customers all over the world, some making it as far as the Middle East.

Travis Davis Pro Extreme Motorcycle“I tell people I have a big toy factory,” laughed Timblin. “That’s really what it is if you think about it. My customers have so much fun racing and I have fun being a part of it.”

Timblin’s latest performance discovery for Pro Mod and Pro Comp involves altering the chassis to accept a wider wheel.

“I have a couple chassis that really favor the 13-inch wheel over the 12-inch wheel,” Timblin said.  “Without going any wider on tire size, the wider wheel seems to improve the 60-footers like it does for the Outlaw 10.5 drag cars.”

Timblin Dragbike ChassisTimblin keeps detailed notes and paper templates of everything he has ever built. He can go back 15 years and find the precise specifications of a customer’s chassis.

Timblin got started by building sportsman bikes and became a major player in pro competition after attaining tremendous success with John and Travis Davis’ Funny Bike on the AMA Prostar tour in the 2000s.

Walt Timblin, Jerry Cooper, Richard Gadson Pro ModOf all his creations, Timblin is most proud of the seven-inch tire, Top Eliminator bike he built Matt Smith in the late 90s. Smith won the AMA Prostar championship two years in a row and became the first to eclipse 200mph on a small tire chassis in Atco, N.J. in Sept. of 2000.

“That accomplishment means a lot to me,” Timblin said. “The first to go over 200 mph on a big tire chassis is debatable.  Most say it was Elmer Trett, but there are others who claim it. There is no debate on who built the first 200 mph small tire chassis.”

Walt Timblin, Travis Davis Dragbike TrailerIf you would like to maximize your performance with a Timblin Chassis, give Walt a call at 912-367-7282. Just be prepared for the truth.

“Sometimes a racer may not like what I say, but if I feel like something is not going to work, I certainly let them know,” Timblin said.“I like to hear all of their ideas, offer my ideas, come to an agreement and build the best chassis possible.”

Timblin also offers front ends, billet components and more. Make sure to check out the website



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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Buddy Drawdy says:

    Hi Walter,Sorry to hear about your loss.Man I would love to see you and talk to you.Give me a call sometime.My cell#258-1356.Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Jim Devlin says:

    My son and I are Aussies and want a price for you to build a complete rolling chassis to suit a Kawasaki zx14 engine.
    We would be running hilborn injection and a turbo so you would need to allow space for these items.
    Really like your work.
    Thank you and look forward to your reply.
    Jim and james Devlin.

  3. Dominic Miller says:

    Walt give me a call (912)507-3393

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