The Last Great Drag Racing Milestone Has Not Been Reached…. Yet

Hector Arana Jr.
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  1. Some try for their first million dollars, some want marriage and kids, some have so many things they want they put them in a bucket list.
    Everyone in our class wants to be first to 200. Thank u for covering this milestone.
    See u a 2:00 for our meeting… Or was that after 200 for pictures.
    No matter who does it, it will be great for the Mello yello series in Nhra and the pro stock motorcycles.

    1. Bill Stephens says:

      Yo Steven,
      If you’re the first one to do it, it will lead to the most unforgettable interview in NHRA history. I’ll be watching, Ol’ Friend!

  2. Jack Korpela says:

    Awesome. Good luck Steve

  3. 7.0 Joe says:

    Whoever breaks the 200 mph barrier will bring Pro Stock Motorcycle back to the forefront in the drag racing world. When it happens, will be a happy day for all us 2 wheel fanatics.

    Steve, run more pressure in your tires to improve rolling resistance + 10 psi up front and + 2 in the rear. It will be our little secret when you go 201.55

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