The First Funny Bike, and First Wheelie Bar in Motorcycle Drag Racing

Ray Price Harley Burnout
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  1. Declan Breffny says:

    I believe that Carl McClanahan was the first racer with the idea of wheelie bars and have read it in more than a few articles.

  2. Vic Force says:

    Can’t say that I remember McClanahan with a wheelie bar, and yes, I’ve seen him run. During the era of the 4″ Avon and 1 gear, wheelies on top fuelers really wasn’t a problem. Jr. fuelers however would and did have a problem that way. Sonny Routt,s Jr. Fueler with probably a 15″ rear wheel was the first wheelie bar I can remember ever seeing. Not real sure now what year it was, early ’70’s, but do remember the track, Suffok, Virginia.

  3. Robert Zorn says:

    sometimes i wished i was there on that one. Thank you Cycle drag.

  4. Jan says:

    RIP Ray Price, You changed motorcycles forever

  5. Jan says:

    RIP Ray Price You changed motorcycles Forever!!!

  6. Scott says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Carl McClanahan.. When I was in the process I buying his home.. He told me in 2008 that he was the inventer of the wheelie bar… Showed me a book that he had written (book was published) an on the back it also stated that he invented the wheelie bar in the early 1970’s..

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