Stand up and be Counted

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  1. george f says:

    I only wish I had millions cuz if I did I’d buy a nice tract of land out in the woods somewhere build a 1/4 mile drga strip on it and it’d be for bikes only.None of them annoying cars

  2. Sandra says:

    Trying to do our part out West… check us out online at

  3. doug fisher says:

    speakin of little guys whos that on the shark bike in the photo of the article?Nice article we need to all do what he says and promote our sport.

    1. Jack Korpela says:

      The Shark Bike is one mean machine….

  4. Roy Johnson says:

    You woud think that with all the sport bikes out there there should be plenty of racers at the track Sat night. The problem is most just want to go fast, not compete. We need to reach out to these people and show them the ropes.
    Ecourage your lacal track to offer a street bike class and lets pitch in.

  5. Tom McCarthy says:

    Sportsman racers are the backbone of drag racing, two wheels or four, it’s all about getting involved and having fun. Until motorcycle drag racing starts growing it’s own, the sport will never grow to it’s potential.

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